Tuesday, August 29, 2006


School started and its hard to believe that Teysha is a Sophmore, time certainly flies.She is excited about this big high school year, but of course has to moan and groan about school starting. Of course along with school starting all the activities start up also. She is studying to get her drivers permit, and I don't know if we are glad or sad!Soccer starts this weekend with the Labor Day Cup and hopefully we can make it through this weekend without a serious injury. It seems as if every Labor Day Cup there is some time of injury!
A quick layout from a sketch and kit at scrapaddict

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Toy

I got a Cricut for my birthday! I have been looking at it for a few months and then it popped up at my house. Love it!! It is so user friendly and fun to play with. I have been scrappin with a friend and she bought a cartridge so we share! Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming layout at ScrapAddict using the Cricut!
Soccer is starting in full force even though it is still 100+, I don't know how those kids do it on the field for 80 minutes, I melt sitting under a tent. We travel to Houston next weekend for our first tournament. It either rains or is an oven every time we go there!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Batty Birthday

Since the kids and grandkids were here for the baseball tournament we celebrated our birthday a day early. Since Rich and I share the same birthday we have no problem remembering each others birthday! All of us went out to eat for our birthday and then for a special treat for the kids we went to see the bats fly at sundown. If you have never see over a million bats leaving at sunset you have missed an awesome experience. The Mexican freetail bats live under a overpass and there are over a million female bats living there(the males live somewhere else).Reports say that in the Central Texas area there are over 100 million bats and they eat at least 1,000 tons of insects nightly. Each mother bat gives birth to one baby bat per year, called a pup, in June, and the babies can fly and hunt on their own in six weeks. Interesting facts about these bats and an amazing sight to see the bats fly!