Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We are on our way to the mountains for Christmas and today seemed to start out a little rocky. Shenzi ate nasty bread I had thrown out of the birds and being the glutton she is stuffed herself and the decided within 10 minutes into the trip to get rid of the bread. Most of it managed to hit the floorboard, dog bed and blanket on the back seat. Teysha decided she would develop allergies and snort and sneeze until we could find the nearest Walgreens. I braved the Holiday shoppers and came out armed with nose spray, allergy tablets, and Kleenex. Now we should be ready, the dog had a tums, I cleaned up the digested bread with baby wipes and kleenex,Teysha sprayed her nose and swallowed her meds and we continued on. We stopped at San Saba for pecans. Spent the night in the town of aliens, Roswell and continued onto Ruidoso.
Merry Christmas from beautiful snow covered Ruidoso.Evidently this post was buried in the snow for a week or so.