Monday, August 27, 2007

Port A Acrylic Album

A Super Fun Album I will be teaching in Sept. Love all the beach colors and fun Bling!!

End of Summer Days

School started today! T is a Junior and excited about being an upperclassman!! The only thing missing is her car!
This weekend was the last fling before school and soccer season starts and we spent Saturday at Fiesta Texas. T took 3 of her friends and we spend the day in 100 degree heat and mingling with thousands of other fun seekers!They rode the Scream, no way would I get on that ride, but they loved it!! We had a blast but it was so good to get home and cool off!
Sunday T was finally baptized. I say finally because this is something she has been trying to do for months. I was gone May and June. July was spent just getting things settled after I was gone so long. August we had some soccer conflicts, a vacation and 2 weeks ago we arranged for that Sunday to be the day! She went to the back of the church to get ready and a small water in the tank! This Sunday we tried again and the minister assured us there would be water! A beautiful, powerful and meaningfull moment for the family!

Monday, August 20, 2007


T has been pestering me for weeks to get her cartilage pierced! I don't really have a problem with her doing it except for the problems it causes in soccer. She can't take it out or change it for 3 months and some refs make you tape and put a band-aid over the piercing. Today we were at the mall and this was the big day!! She picked out her earring,sat in the chair and before she could react it was over!! Now comes the fun part, the cleaning and turning everyday. We will see if this was worth it in a few weeks!!

Something good about Houston

We spent this weekend in Houston at a soccer tournament! Everywhere we drove there were hurricane warnings posted and to keep you gas tank full! We played one game at 8 am in Tomball and just as we were getting ready to play the 2 pm game, the rains came. That game was cancelled so we spent the afternoon shopping! I went to some lss and T went to the Woodlands Mall! We both had fun and found some goodies!! We had another 8am game Sunday and luckily we got to play! We left Tomball and on the way out of town there is a little hole in the wall Mexican food place that we had stopped the last time we played there! The inside seats about 8 and the owners speak very little English but the food is to die for!! Never judge a book by its cover, or the bars on the windows!!

Red Hat Ladies

I taught an Explosion Box private class to these fun two Red Hat Ladies! The box was perfect colors for them in the red and purple! We had a blast learning to make this little box just for them!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spinning Storage Rack

I love my spinning storage rack! My dh made this for me and I am in heaven. It got all my drawer hidden embellies out so that I can see them and use them, giving me the opportunity to buy more!
He has had so many requests for the rack we are selling them for $45,if purchased locally or $45 plus shipping and handling. You can have your choice of black or white and it comes with 24 clips. Just email me or post to the blog and I will get back to you!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Port A

We spent a few hot days in Port Aransas. Lounging by the pool at the hotel, soaking up the sun, a great way to relax. We went to the beach, fed the seagulls, sat in the sand,and played in the Gulf. We had to hit the tourist shops for all the "necessary" things to bring back! Rich went deep sea fishing for 8 hours and caught the biggest fish of the day!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Summer Visit

The 3 grandkids that just moved closer to us spent last week with us! The rainy season continued the first 3 days of their vist and once again our lights went out for several hours! We cooked hot dogs, warmed up spaghetti and pizza on the grill so we could feed the hungry group! They played a game of Tiddlywinks on the back porch to pass the time of no power! They "hung" around exercising and the youngest helpe me pull the grapes off the stems! The younger 2 got new bikes and the 12 yo (almost 13) got new Nikes to ejnoy while they were here. We tried fishing 2 times, the first time the rains came down in torrents and had to run for cover. The 2nd time the weather held out and they caught some fish!! We all spent time cooling off at the pool and chilled some more at the movies watching Hair Spray! We loved having them and had a great summer visit!

T Actually

Scrapped a layout! I can't believe it! She picked out the paper while we were shopping this week, came home, printed the picture and viola and finshed layout! Love her fun style, hopefully she will scrap some more!