Sunday, May 20, 2007

91 and holding

My sweet little 91 year old aunt has been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks. She developed pneumonia about a month ago but of course she didn't know that and a Dr. just gave her medicine over the phone. That medicine didn't work and her neighbor took her to the hospital around the 10th. I drove down and she was dismissed on the 12th against my wishes and we changed doctors and she was readmitted on the 16th. It has been an up and down time but this time we changed hospitals and doctors and things seem to be improving! She was supposed to go home Saturday when my cousin was with her while we were in Houston at a soccer tournament, but she still wasn't doing good so now the dr. is shooting for Monday! I will fly back to Lubbock early tomorrow and get her home hopefully and then maybe come back home by Wednesday! I have to find someone to stay with her and I am still not comfortable leaving her alone! She has been remarkably healthy for 91 years!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Champion Soccer

A fun mini class I am teaching at my lss! Adapted from Schmilles site. So easy to do, just 4x6 and 4x12 cardstock!! Great way to use up those scraps and hordes of embellies!!
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

For my friend

 For my good friend in Temple, her grandbaby was one last month. Thought she might like this on her desk at work!!
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