Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disney Chipboard Album

When Janet and I were in California we spent one day at DisneyLand! She has been so many times, she knew all the "good" rides and her way around the park. We had so much fun, just like a kid I my favorite rides, Buzz Lightyear ( yep I beat her one time, of course she beat me the first time) and the roller coaster! We would have ridden the roller coaster again but it was almost closing time.

I started this tab 8x10 chipboard album today and I am using Disney papers and embellies that Linda gave me a long time ago....yeah for me using up my stash!

Monday, February 23, 2009

And as if we didn't

Walk enough at Texas State, we stopped by Cabelos on our way home to exchange some stuff Rich bought, and of course that store entails even more walking!!

I do like to look at the mounts that they have but walking anywhere was requiring more effort by the second. Luckily we only had to spend a few minutes in the store and we were on our way home!
Yesterday we decided to go see Slumdog Millionaire. Great movie. T decided that she did not want to go to Bombay to find any relatives she might have there! We also saw Grand Torino with Clint, that man is always good! The ending was sad, though!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Collge Day at Texas State

Saturday was the big college day at Texas State, in San Marcos. We left at 7 am to begin the day at 9 am with orientation.

This was an extremely well organized event, complete with maps and helpful students everywhere.
What we did not know is the campus is 2 miles long and there are at least a million steps.

We walked the campus twice and the steps, I think we found them all! It rained a while, then the cold North wind hit, but finally the sun came out as we walked from building to building. We checked out several resident halls and did make a decision on which one we liked the best, surprisingly, it was not the newest or biggest. We felt by 4 we had walked our feet off and increased our calf strength, so we headed home.
Of course T had to do some "school spirit" shopping in the bookstore!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mini Albums

I went to an all day crop at Maries Sunday and actually finished some projects.
One is a MAMBI album from a class at CHA. It is really cute. The other is a senior soccer album. I covered the front in metal from 10 seconds studio and used some metal throughout the album. Hopefully the school photographer will post the pictures from the games and I can add pictures to it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Miss Joyce

This has been a roller coaster week and one of those stress filled weeks. Lynda sent this to me and somedays you just feel like this helps.

All women should live this long to be this kind of old lady.
Toward the end of Sunday service, the Minister asked, 'How many of you have forgiven your enemies?'
80% held up their hands.
The Minister then repeated his question. All responded this time, except one small elderly lady.
"Miss Joyce''; 'Are you not willing to forgive your enemies?'
I don't have any.' She replied, smiling sweetly.
'Miss Joyce", that is very unusual. How old are you?'
'Ninety-eight.' she replied.
'Oh, Miss. Joyce, would you please come down in front & tell us all how a person can live ninety-eight years & not have an enemy in the world?'
The little sweetheart of a lady tottered down the aisle, faced the congregation, and said:
'I outlived the bitches.'

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Saturday Soccer Game and Military Ball

Soccer and a Military Ball took up this Saturday. We had soccer at 11 am, we lost, but at least it was not freezing cold. A friend of T had asked her to go with him to his ROTC Military Ball Sat. night. She was planning on getting her nails done after the game, since goalie gloves and acrylic nails do not mix. She was late getting out of the game and didn't have time, she was cutting it close just getting ready. There were about 8 in the limo that took them to an Austin hotel, to eat and dance the night away, she had a great time. Young men really look great in uniforms don't they? Looking at these pictures, it's easy to believe she will be going to college in a few months:)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Texas Rat Snake

Sherry just sent me this. Watch the little lizard on the left! Have a Happy Day, can't help but laugh after watching this!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

CHA Stuff

You can see the TH luggage tag, plus samples of grungeboard, the long scalloped album is a Theresa Collins mnt, the bingo/love is a cute hanger mnt from Maya Road, the True Story is a mini album from Zutter. At the very top is the 7 Gypsies album that was so fun and easy. At the top you can see MS glitter and glue, that was an adventure in it self!
This is all the product from the MABI class we took. Tons of good stuff and great instructions.
This is from the Glue Glider class, a lot of glue samples, plus the little gun, chipboard and RP words. There were no written instructions so it will be impossible to finish this little album, on the bottom left.
Fun, fun ,mnt from Little Yellow Bicycle. The circle on the left with the bird is the cover and the other pages are all different shape. Great instructions and lots of extra goodies. Love their bag!!
I finally unpacked and went through the goodies we brought home from classes and make and takes. It was fun just to go through the piles and remember all the fun we had. There is of course, nothing finished, but some projects just need finishing touches!