Tuesday, February 12, 2008

soccer word bloom

I hate getting all the stuff together for tax season. Every year I say I will be more organized but that never seems to happen. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish it up and send it to the accountant.
I love this time of the year, not too hot, just a great spring day. My tulips are trying so hard to poke their heads up. Of course the weather for the weekend is not going to be this nice, they are forecasting sleet,and if it happens, it will be Friday when we have a soccer game!
I finished a soccer word bloom album today, it's a good thing I have a lot of soccer pictures.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Word Blooms Eagles Album

We are doing some custom word book albums. These are so much fun and fast to do, plus a great way to use up those embellies. This one is for T's high school soccer team. There is a space at the back for the team to sign their names.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Neighbors vs. No Neighbors

We have lived both ways. We used to live in the Hill Country on 20 acres our nearest neighbors were miles away. That lifestyle had great advantages, great views, quiet, with only the animals for noise.We moved and I was so glad to be back to everything being just a short drive and nice friendly neighbors to visit with. Where we live now certainly has a culture mix, which is to be expected these days. We do have wonderful neighbors that make living here super. Now comes the bad part. We live on a hill that allows us to see in our nieghbors backyard (of course they can see in ours too but we lead a dull life). All of our neighbors have dogs, so do we, but our dogs do not bark in chorus with all the other dogs. I understand barking is a normal dog thing but one neighbor has a big dog that barks at everything and at any time of the day or night. It has become very annoying to hear that woof! We called animal control and the owner came over to talk to us. He was very nice and hopefully that problem is solved. The next problem, 2 neighbors have teenagers that huddle on their back porches and smoke pot and whatever other drug of their choice is. That annoys and upsets me to see 4 to 6 kids home alone at various times of the day doing their "thing". Sitting in my sb room I can see them puffing away, then out our family room window we can see the other group puffing away. I still love living in a neighborhood but I don't enjoy seeing these actions 2 to 3 times a week from each neighbors children. Where are the parents?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Spring Acrylic Album

I guess I am getting anxious for the bluebonnets to pop their heads up,I love that time of the year. I don't think it will be long since it is almost 80 today.
I finished the album so when the bluebonnets are ready I will be too, just need to add ribbon and pictures!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Acrylic Tab Album

I finally finished this tab album. Love the red and black. Just a fun one showing T playing her guitar. I used Hambly and Bo Bunny rub-ons and of course some Prima bling

Friday, February 01, 2008

Altered Cookbook

I reorganized how I keep my receipes and this was a very old receipe book,complete with divider tabs. I covered the book with BG Recess paper, 7 Gyp. gaffer tape, rubons, QK scallop dies and lots of ink. I tried using HS copper clock rub-on but of course they didn't rubon, but I left what little went on on. I used the tab dividers as a pattern to cut out of chipboard, and there were 12 so perfect for this album. I plan to take a few of our favorite pictures each month and put them on the dividers. I am only using embellies that I have, going through the stash.At the end of the year I will have an album of our favorite pictures of 2008. Regarding the HS copper clocks rub-ons, they are horrible, what a waste of money! I emailed the company but got the response I expected...nothing.On a happy note, my friend gave me the new BG rubon tool...love that new tool.