Friday, June 30, 2006


For a lot of reasons this week has been so not good! Last night we were at the store and decided we would go see Click's was our first time to go to the Alamo Draft House. They serve dinner and drinks while you watch a movie. We settled into our seats and put in our order. The food, chips and queso, hamburger and pizza,arrived and the movie began! Click is a great movie, funny,yet reminding you of the value of your family time! After a great movie and dinner we all felt better!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cell Phone Addiction

Is it possible to be addicted to a cell phone? In our business we have a rule no cell phones in the building, mainly because a manager was attached to her cell phone.Monday a friend dropped something by our store and I was gone. I asked her to check and see if the cell phone was on a table in my office or at the front desk. Sure enough it was in the office.
Tuesday I put on my "dective" hat, met my fiend at a restaurant down from us. I could sit on a bench and see our store. Not 10 minutes after I leave I see her going to her car, retrieving her cell phone. Took off my "dective" hat, put on my "owner" hat and we walked back to our store. I walked in and she ignored me, pretending to be busy. I could not find the phone anywhere, but I knew she brought it in. By now she is out on the circuit, and buzz, buzz goes the cell phone. She had hidden it behind a stapler and the pc tower. I called her in the office and asked her why and her response was "I wanted to see who called". Until I told her to go put the phone in the car she made no effort to do it. Her response was "sorry"!She had about an hour and a half until we closed but she couldn't wait. I asked her about Monday night and she denied it. Then she spotted my friend in my office. Busted again. Lying and breaking rules all for a cell phone. A cell phone is going to cost her a job. Amazing the theory that rules are made for everyone but me!

Monday, June 26, 2006

She Made it Up!

We have been to the lake almost every day the last 2 weeks and Teysha has been trying to get up on the wakebaord! She has had very little succes and a lot of lake water in her system.We went back out Sunday and were lucky enough to have some nice young man show her a few tricks, she popped out of the water grinning!!Needless to say after being on the lake for a few hours she was starving and worn out!!Next adventure to jump those wakes!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Pops Day

What a fun and relaxing day yesterday!!
Teysha made a German Chocolate cake (from a mix, but still yummy), and delicious Chocolate Chip cookies!
We had a late lunch at Fudruckers and then to the movies to see The Break Up. The ending was not was I expected but it was still a good movie!
We cooked ribs on the grill. We added potato salad and red beans for a great Fathers Day dinner.
Finished off the day by watching a dvd, "The New World". An ok movie, moved slowly but the scenery was beautiful!

Look! She Can Scrapbook

Teysha made Pops a pull tab can to put his gift certificate for a massage in. She decided she wanted to do a collage, and went to work pulling out paper!! She has so much creativity and the gift can turned out great !!She even cleaned up her mess !!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

After the Rain

It rained Saturday and Sunday morning. Luckily we got about 3 inches of much needed rain. The rain only cooled things off for a few hours,then the humidity climbed back up!
We did have our hummingbirds visiting our feeder all morning! They are such brave little birds, they have no fear of us sitting just a few feet away. Next came the lizards out to catch bugs! I love watching them scurry along the fence, down the bird house pole and jump into the Oleanders!

Fun Things on Saturday!

How nice it is to have a nice, quiet, rainy Saturday with no soccer. This gave me a chance to finish some scrapbooking projects. I made an altered journal with an old ScrapAddict kit that I love. I am using this journal to enter some mini album instructions, doodling, layout ideas, just about anything I want to keep in one place. I finished a mini album bound with skewers, fun and easy. I used some old SEI paper but it still turned out cute! I also finished a 6x6 album of old not so great pictures but too good to throw away. I practiced my doodling skills, or lack of, on the last page of the album. This doodling is so much fun to do!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Longhorns and Sunflowers

The awesome Texas Longhorns enjoy this sunflower field only a few miles from our house. There are about 50 of these Longhorns along with their calves. They are a magnificent sight grazing among the sunflowers!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Purple Martins

Our Purple Martin house is full of baby birds! We enjoy watching these birds come in February to select their house and in March start building their nests. Soon we have a house full of baby birds chirping to be fed. We love watching how protective both parents are toward the babies. If we get to close to the nest they will dive close to our heads, even though the house is way above ground levl. These babies are feathered out and almost ready to fly!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

She can Cook!

Teysha is learning to cook! Of course we have to start with the best first! Peanut Butter Cookies with pecans, made from scratch!! They are delicious and of course we have to sample them every time we go into the kitchen!!


Our crazy Roxi!! She loves water! This time she found the gravel from our aquarium and had to check it out!! Maybe she smells fish!

Soccer is over for the summer

Last game of the season played, try outs done! No more soccer until August when boot camp starts! Teysha will go to A&M soccer camp the end of July, plus conditioning camp every day at school for the next 6 weeks.

Nebas 90th

It is hard to believe that April 15, 2006, Neba celebrated her 90th birthday! The American State Bank let us use their beautiful meeting room for her party. Charlene, Kerri, and Brent made this celebration successful. We had an Italian Cream Cheesecake, beautiful roses (her favorite), plus appetizers and punch. So many of her friends and family attended it was an occasion that is a beautiful memory!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jessie's Surprise Going Away Dinner!

Jessie is moving to Florida!We will miss her great attitude and determination! The team met at Z'Tejas for a going away surprise dinner! The girls gave Jessie some great going away gifts that she loved.

Wakeboarding Is Hard Work!

Wakeboarding!! Teysha used her money to buy not one but 2 wakeboards, to learn the sport. We loaded up the boat, picked up Julie and headed off to the lake! It was 107 degrees but the lake was like glass and very few people were there! Both of the girls tried and tried to master the art of wakeboarding but only managed to stay up for a few seconds. We have enlisted the help of some official wakeboarders so next week hopefully Teysah can stay upright and love wakeboarding!!

A Day at Schlitterbahn

Schlitterbahn was a blast! We decided not to go over the Memorial Day because of the crowds, so we went Tuesday and it was perfect.The girls spent the night so we could get an early start, but I don't think they went to bed until very late and slept the entire way to San Marcos. There were not thousands of people and we enjoyed our day! Teysha, Julie,Courtney, and Kelsey went and we spent the day playing in the Torrent River and Dragons Lair! We bought pizza to eat on the way home and all the girls crashed as soon as the last bite of pizza was eaten. A fun day but a bunch of tired people!