Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Things


corpus christi 054I love photos of the backs of kids in the water! Splashing around in Port A

corpus christi 118shopping after a day at the aquarium in corpus.

corpus christi 021a zillion steep stairs touring the USS Lexington and so Hot!

corpus christi 077Lovin the water, sand and seaweed!

corpus christi fishing trip 010The biggest fish. Tuck reeled this catfish in all by himself!

corpus christi fishing trip 016She caught it but wouldn’t touch it.

corpus christi fishing trip 006Keyto  caught the most fish!!004

005Chillin and cooling in the pool!

Thursday, June 09, 2011



phone 6-8 012Its all about the phone and

phone 6-8 014the hair, even at the pool! Gotta love harmones!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bay Fishing in Port A


corpus christi fishing trip 002Tucker is ready.

corpus christi fishing trip 0047:30 am was a little early but we all made it smiling.

He ended up catching the largest fish.

corpus christi fishing trip 010

Keyton was the top fisherman pulling in 11 keepers

corpus christi fishing trip 006corpus christi fishing trip 016She caught it but wouldn’t do the touchy feely thing!

corpus christi fishing trip 005Papa caught the first fish, but the red drum was too small.

I only caught 2 keepers, but I did   catch this. corpus christi fishing trip 018The weather was great, the Gulf was calm and we had a great time!

corpus christi fishing trip 028

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Smash Book


Yep I jumped on the Smash Book Band Wagon for this vacation.

First page! The first few pages will be for GASC and the others are for our trip to the beach and fishing.

CIMG0038 (2)


Day 1: Eating at their fav hamburger place, seeing the bats fly, and


Shopping for fishing shirts and hats. I bought a Fuji Instax camera that is a revamp of the old polaroid, so we will see how those do. So far this has been so much fun, using up old stuff mixed with the new.