Monday, March 31, 2008


Our local scrapbook fever held a Word Bloom contest and the winner got to pick a word of her choice and a free class for 4 of her friends. Heidi decorated a Texas Word Bloom and won. She picked Recipes for her custom word and this is a picture of the fun class we had this Sunday.
Here is a picture of Heidi's winning Word Bloom, just super!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wet Dog

Tiki is so not crazy about her bath but she does tolerate it! She only weighs 5 pounds and I think 4 of that is fur, she looks so funny without her poofy fur. I bought some new doggie shampoo and she does smell yummy, at least for a few days.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Circle Journal

Thanks to Sherri B. I am doing a circle journal again. This is going to be so much fun and a great way to meet new friends. Mine is done and ready for the next person!
I used 8inch chipboard circles and just started digging through my stash. Love being able to use things I had forgotten about! My cj is about a favorite vacation location,mine is Xel-Ha, Mexico. The 1/2 circles are inserts between the vacation pictures, just telling about the vacation.You can click on the pictures and they will enlarge

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Customer Service

or lack of!I guess this is the week for things to really get under my skin. Today for example, I took my toilet, now dried out, phone to Sprint to get it turned back on since I had switched it over to my old phone, and his comment was, "well it will probably corrode and be useless in 6 months, blah, blah." Sure could and I could drop it in the toilet again, just please turn it back on and I will take my chances.
That chore done, walked across the street to Office Depot, here in GT. That store has worse than horrible customer service but I needed something printed fast. When the girl finally asked me what I needed and I told her copies, she points to the self serve copiers. Gee I saw them, but I nicely told her I needed color copies, and to have the paper cut. She replied that they had a job ahead of me and so I asked her if I could leave it, her response was they were out of ink and couldn't print! Hello, it is Office Depot, they sell ink! Left there and drove 10 miles to RR to another Office Depot. This employee was friendly up until I told him I needed the copies cut into 1/4. He developed the deer in the head light look!As he was cutting I noticed he threw a bunch of my copies in the trash, I asked him about it and he said the cutter jammed but I wouldn't be charged for it. OK, fine, I am hungry and in a hurry. After I get home I count the copies, I should have 400 I have 297, now I am not happy. I call the manager tell her my story and she goes to look in the trash ( might not be the same trash right?) and tells nope nothing in there. I told her what he said and she still is saying that he didn't short me on the copies. After a long discussion, she finally concedes that maybe I am correct and tells me to come in tomorrow and they will make some more copies. Whew, what a non customer service day! We will see what Sheena says tomorrow when I show her the box that is only 3/4 full!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the Toilet

It was Monday all day yesterday! I was cleaning house (ugh!) which is bad enough in itself but it only got worse. I had just finished cleaning the guest bath and turned around and my slippery little pink cell phone popped right out of my pj back pocket and landed kerplunk face down in the toilet! Scooped that non floater right out, dried it off and turned the hair dryer on it. Alas, it was waterlogged and not working! It was a new phone and I really liked it so I was very unhappy! I used the hair dryer on it some more and then put it outside for a little sun tan. Brought it inside last night and it did come on but made some unusual noises. I left the charger on it all night and this morning it appears to have come back to life. The eye of the camera has some moisture but the phone seems to have all of the functions back! I am going to be a happy camper if the little pink phone continues on the road to recovery! Moral, don't put your slippery cell phone in you pants pocket and clean toilets!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Giveaway Winners

Hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend. We did some long needed yard work and planted a few things.

The winners of the Word Blooms are:
Sherry D
Congratulations! If you will email your address I will get them in the mail to you this week. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grand Kids

A new Word Bloom album filled with pictures of our 3 grand boys! Just love the bright colors used in this album!

Don't forget to scroll down to the post about the Giveaway and post your choice of your favorite Word Bloom. 3 will be given away Saturday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Waxahachie Road Trip

The 4 shoppers left around 8:30 yesterday for a fun but windy road trip. We stopped in West for a potty break and some Czech goodies. We arrived at Crafty Scrapper about 11 and shopped until time for lunch at the Doves Nest. Kerri met us there for yummy food! We went back to CS and retrieved our shopping baskets, paid the big bill and Patti was the winner for the day. She even got a cute Big Yellow Bicycle shopping bag, pays to shop big!! Patti and I went to an antique mall, I was looking for old postcards and Patti found some goodies. I also found this cute 3 tiered fruit basket and immediately filled it with scrapping goodies when I got home. We drove to Just Scrap It and did some more fun shopping before it was time to head home. We had a great day and I think we wore Patti out, she slept on the way back!

Be sure and check out the post about my Giveaway this weekend!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road Trip Again

Janet, Patti, Marie and I are off to Waxahachie tomorrow to see the Crafty Scrapper and do some shopping. We are leaving early, heading for Starbucks and meeting Patti in Jarrell, she will have her thumb out waiting for us beside the road!
Be sure and pick your favorite word bloom for the giveaway next week!

Friday, March 14, 2008


To celebrate the return of my lost blog and our new business I am in the mood to give some goodies away. Click on the business link above and go to Word Blooms and find your favorite Word Bloom, don't click on order just remember which one you want:). Post your choice in the comments sections of this post and on March 22, T will pick 3 lucky names out of the hat and I will ship you your choice free of charge.
The weather here is just wonderful, well maybe a little hot 95 but no humidity, perfect day for me to tool around town with the VW top down!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Acrylic Waterfall Scalloped album

I have some wonderfuldesign team friends doing samples for our new business. Janet created this awesome acrylic waterfall album, complete with pictures of beautiful butterflies! Thanks Janet

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Game Ball

We have had a miserable soccer season in high shcool, 2 wins, 10 losses. We started the season full of excitement and hope due to a new coach and great promises of fairness. The pre-season was great, lots of enthausiam and energy, then bam the personality changed. The coach seemed to have lost interest in winning or coaching this year, working on getting ready for next year. Fast forward to the game last Friday night, we were playing the number one team and as the team was being introduced, the coach that started the season returned, high fiving the girls, getting excited and actually coaching. One would wonder if some parents and higher ups had a talk with the coach. He played this game to win and we did 1-0! Of course everyone was elated and commenting on the difference in that game and the last 9. T was awarded the game ball, well deserved, she did an awesome job in the goal! Receiving the game ball and of course winning did wonders for her confidence, that was certainly sagging from the last 9 games.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tucker is 6

We went to Red Oak to celebrate Tucker's 6th birthday Sunday. It was such a fun party, complete with a bouncy house and about 15- 6 year olds. How quickly you forget that 6 year olds are so full of energy especially when grouped together! I made Tuck a soccer word bloom of his soccer practice. I think this was only the 2nd birthday party we have able to celebrate with the 3 boys, we always lived too far away.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Blog

Have you missed this little blog? Sometimes it just doesn't pay to hit any delte button! I accidently deleted my account but after a month, blogger helped me get it back! I will never hit a delete button without carefully reading and still probably won't! Some of the pictures are missing but I will get them back over time!!
Here the link to the new blog that I used until this one was recovered, in case you want to see what was going on for a month
Just Daily Life Again