Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cousin from Santa Cruz

This is my 'deadhead'blonde cousin from Santa Cruz that got a flat tire while following her favorite band across Texas.She pulled into a flea market in Milano,Texas, and is still waiting for someone to change her tire so she can catch up with the band.Peace and love!
Thanks Janet!
I am working on a "bug" album, my collection of relatives is really growing and they need to be contained in an album.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2+1 at 18

Tonight was a little strange, and then it got stranger. T met a friend at a party last night, they had known each other in middle school but drifted apart. He asked her out for dinner tonight. She was excited to visit with him some more, but I thought it was odd that she was only gone about 1 hour to eat. I asked her how it went and she said great up until he mentioned he has 3 kids...a set of twins and and new baby. This idiot is 18 and has 3,ount them 3 kids! Needless to say she said the dinner became very awkward and she left. Thanks but no thanks on that relationship. Amazingly he goes to college full time, and works,,, guess he needs a 2nd job.

Cats Meow VW

Sometimes I don't even have to leave my house to find relatives! Karen sent me this Hello Kitty , cat's Meow ,tricked out relative, from someones blog! Notice the wheels on this kitty! Wonder if she has been out "Catting" around town? She is really the cats Meow relative:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prom Dress Shopping Round One

After the doctor appointment yesterday we drove to West. There is a "secret" little bridal/prom dress shop in this tiny town that is supposed to have the best selection of prom dresses around. There were a lot of dresses to pick from but T taste does not run to the sequin and beaded dresses. Another problem, she is very short and most of the dresses were very long. After 2 1/2 hours of trying on dresses she found 1, simple, black, short dress that she really liked. Of course she tried on 4 inch heels and loved the added height but dancing for hours with those heels, I doubt it.
She didn't pick a dress so we are moving on to round two next weekend. She has until April 10 to find the perfect dress!

A lot of choices
Don't think so! passable, and made her smile. she is going to dance for hours in shoes like this???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Geek Squad

I am not very techno savy so this relative is always welcome to show up at our house. I think he should visit on a weekly basis just to get rid of all the spam mail that shows up and keep all of our computers virus free. He is kinda cute in his own nerdy little way isn't he!:) Thanks for the picture, Linda!

Monday, March 16, 2009

End of the Season

High School Soccer is over! This was Senior night, and we were presented on the field and give a red rose by our player. Tonight we won our last season game 5-4, a great finish to our not so great season and to her senior year. Every Thursday is a team dinner and different parents host each week. Last week it was at a friends Pilates Studio downtown and we had it catered, easy clean up for 23 girls. We will miss all the friends we have made over the last 10 years of playing soccer and we will miss soccer, but I am glad this season is over, and with a win over a big rival.

Some Finished Metal

I finally finished some of the projects from the 10 Sec. class. I am happy with the completed projects, mistakes and all. Working with the metal,and all the tools is a great addition to scrapbooking. The artist case was the test, we had to use some of each technique and tool to cover this case, luckily I passed the test. The covered box is covered top and sides in a funky design metal art, I added some chipboard and a HS chandelier jewel.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Joe the Plumber Relative

I am not sure how many tools and ladders my Uncle Joe, the Plumber, can carry in his Bug but at least he saves on gas!
Thanks Dot, for helping me find my relatives along the way! I have an elusive relative here that I only see when I don't have my camera, she is a beauty and truly unique:)

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Class

at 10 Seconds Studio was absolutely awesome. We learned so much and Cheryl kept feeding knowledge into our brains. We made,and some even finished, so many projects with many different techniques. I am going to finish my projects and will post them. This cross, was one of our assignments,love the way it looks.I used 3different molds, that quickly became my favorites. Thank you Cheryl, Karen, and Megan for all of your knowledge and talent!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Todays Class

Was just awesome. We started at 9 am and finished/quit at 8pm. We are creating some unique projects. These are some fun techiniques we learned today.Working with the metal is so interesting, there are so many different ways to use it and each person can apply their own twist.

We are doing an altered clipboard and using the different techniques Cheryl is teaching, making this into a unique mini alum.

This is our silver jewelry, cooking at a mere 1600 degrees. We get to see the finished product tomorrow. Amazing that these pieces of clay will be beautiful silver works of art.

Tomorrow at 9 am we start another project and at noon start the "test"!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I am in Richland Hills taking a certification class at 10 Seconds Studio. This is going to be a fun 3 days. There are 3 store owners ,sales reps, a Club Scrap Designer, and "people".This was using PMC, a precious metal (silver) clay,pvc pipe and playing cards.We all made some jewelry that Cheryl will fire and do other mysterious things to tomorrow and viola wearable art! We had a super lasagna dinner,complete with heart shaped brownies. Tomorrow we have two classes and Sat. is filled with tests! There are so many things we can do with metal and I am sure we will all think out of the box.
Getting here was a challenge. I am directionally challenged, even with Jill giving me directions. There are multiple 820 roads going N S E & W and I think I found them all. Lost was among several words I used the hour I was checking out each 820! My hotel is so new is wasn't on my GPS (Jill) so I ran into 10 Sec., Cheryl and Megan were nice enough to help me get the 1 mile to my hotel! I am sure some of you have seen the Uncle Sam dressed tax man on the side of the road, holding a sign, trying to get you to come in and let this company do your taxes, don't even try to talk to that man. I asked him if he knew where Ft. Worth Mall was, not because I was going shopping, the hotel was close to it, and the poor man was so drunk he had no clue even where he was. Just the company I want to do my taxes. I found my hotel, checked into my room and promptly walked out the door, leaving my key card in my room! What a day!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Easter Chipboard Album

I spent most of today cleaning out my closet. I have to have my closet neat for some strange reason! I am giving away 2 large garbage bags to the Caring Place and I love the space I have now.
Yesterday was cold and windy so I had some time to do this Easter Chipboard Album. I used my old puff paint on the chipboard bunnies, did a little fussy cutting, and added some bling!
We even had a teenager home last night (yes, Saturday night) so we had a nice movie night. We watched Nights in Rodanthe, pretty good movie, beautiful beach!!
Thank goodness our soccer season is almost over, at least we think so, only 3 more games unless we continue to win, then playoffs... This has been a hard season and I am so glad this is our last year of high school soccer. Of course the end of soccer season brings graduation that much closer!