Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aggie Land andOther Stuff

Moving into Aggie Land. T moved into her new apartment Friday. Our little house mouse has moved into apartment living. Her apartment is on the 4th floor, and I was so glad there was an elevator.

Getting settled into her new bedroom!

It rained most of the move in day and then poured on my drive home. I hate driving at night anyway and the rain did not help at all.
My DH had knee replacement surgery today. Surgery went well, just had to repair a torn tendon that we didn't know about. This repair will add about 2-3 weeks on recovery time. He is has such a high pain tolerance and the morphine have kept him feeling pretty good today. Tomorrow he gets ups and walks plus starts PT, so hopefully that will go well.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If the shoe...uh cap fits

wear it! We went in a sporting goods store for a totally different item. Getting sidetracked is easy with a bunch of goofies and some caps that were screaming try me on! The 2 without the caps were enjoying the Cap Show!

A thought for the day in all this cold 17 degree weather.
Life if like a dogsled team.
If you aren't the lead dog,
the scenery never changes!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Love Banner

The Red Oak kids came down New Years day for a fun weekend of shopping and football. We went to Mighty Fine for a lunch of Mighty Fine Hamburgers and then shopping at Ikea and the Outlet Mall. The girls went to Wonderful Things and Gatherings in Georgetown for girl shopping.
Kerri made me this beautiful Love banner. I love it and I am going to hang it in my scrapbook room. Love the colors and the fun flowers!!

Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Year! I don't make resolutions, I never keep them or remember what they were but I have a few thoughts on getting off on the right foot this year.

Walking more...we all need to do this in our family, but the proverbial "straw" was Tiki. She had her checkup last week and the vet said she needed to loose 1 pound ( wouldn't it be great if that is what the Dr. told us ) She weighs in at a huge 7.5 lbs, 4 of it is fur, and needs to loose the pound because her front foot is crooked and the extra weight makes her limp. Of course she can't stroll around the neighborhood alone so I will have to walk her and maybe just maybe I will loose a pound.

Eating has to happen. Nuts are to start the New Year I made a pecan pie for dessert when the kids come today. Helping the entire family eat healthy....go me!!

Blog more....maybe, but I will try to post some finished projects and at least post those. We have a show in Boston in March so I should have some new projects ready.

I really like the part of Jay Leno's show where he reads funny ads, articles, and pictures so to start off 2010 here is one we saw. Might want to get this fixed.
Just a little pet peeve of mine, notice how the red truck can't aim straight between the 2 long white lines to park! Bet he was distracted by reading the sign.