Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She is leaving for college

in 20 days, think my life will become dull!! Concordia you picked her!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Found Them

We followed this relative, in our taxi that was not a relative, from downtown Cozumel back to the pier. He was a speedy little fellow. After I snapped the picture I noticed there was a really hot relative parked just in front.I am sad I missed getting to meet him but at least I got a fleeting glimpse.
My bug's relatives! I didn't see a single relative in Jamaica and didn't really care. At Cayman they must have all been at one of the many banks, making deposits or withdrawals,so missed them there too!

Cozumel, was a different story! They were everywhere! VW's are made in Mexico so I guess all these relatives have retired and have condos on the beach in Mexico.

I crossed some busy streets to have a short visit with my relatives and they were all very happy to see me:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arriving in Jamaica

We were so excited to pull into Jamaica. I have never been there before and was looking forward to it. The country was beautiful from the ship, beautiful water and lush, green mountains. If you click on the picture below, you will see a lady that must have been here before! We all had the same expression getting back on the ship. As soon as we left the boat, everyone was trying to sell us "Ganga". They would not leave us alone, begging for money and trying to sell drugs.
This was what we saw in "downtown" Jamaica. Nasty, dirty, and nothing pretty about it. We were on a bus and when they came to a spot in downtown, not one single person would get off the bus. This was one scary country. People from tours have been robbed, and some have just never been seen again.
We went to a private beach and the water was beautiful and the beach was clean. There was a "guard" that kept the natives off the beach and watched over everyone there. We did have a good time at this beach for about 2 hours.
Margaritaville, Jamaica. Not much better than the country. I think there were 2 waiters and the place was packed. This fire eater did put on a show, but I think he had a little help in numbing his mouth to do it.
We were all glad to get back on the ship and leave this country. There were about 100 people that were late getting back on the ship, their bus broke down. For entertainment there was a marching band that played for us for about 45 minutes. People threw coins from the ship and enjoyed the show. We sat on our balcony and enjoyed the show, once again glad to be safe and sound on the ship.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Our Way

Chillin' on our balcony and checking out the ship. Loading our luggage on the ship...knew we should have packed less:)
There were 3,000 adults and 1200 children on this ship so getting onto the ship was an event! There were miles of the snake lines and I was wondering how R was going to hold up standing in line that long. No problem, the custom lady saw his cane and asked if we were together and we got to bypass the hundreds of people and were on board in about 20 minutes. Rule...always travel with a cane when there is a long line:) We ate lunch, checked out the ship and by 4 pm we were pulling out of port for 2 days at sea, heading for Jamaica.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross this off the Bucket List

We drove to Galveston for the 4th and did not dream the traffic would be so bad on the seawall! Everyone came to Galveston to see the fireworks and celebrate the 4th. We checked into our hotel and decided to eat at Joes Crabshack.We could still see a lot of damage from Hurricane Ike just 10 months ago but they have made a lot of progress.The fireworks were across the street from Joe's on a jetty. T celebrated her 18th birthday a little early at Joe's doing a Seagull dance through the restaurant. Us girls had to use the potty and the line at Joe's was really long so we thought we would just walk to a convenience store across the street, get some water and snacks for the fireworks and use their facilities. The line to the bathroom was not long and when T and I walked in and it was too late to turn back we noticed a different type of toilet paper.....newspaper! The girls were speechless and a little confused as to what to do. Sometimes you have no options! If using newspaper was on our bucket list, now it is marked off!

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to dance in Cozumel

We are home! Seven fun, sun filled days and tons of pictures. This is how 2 teenage girls have fun at Margaritaville in Cozumel, Mexico. We managed to stop at Margaritaville in Jamaica,Cayman Island, and Cozumel. They could have spent the entire time there but for us old folks a little goes a long way!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Getting on the big boat

We are leaving tomorrow for a wonderful 7 day cruise. Celebrating the 4th in Galveston,hopefully to see fireworks over the water. I want to see how Galveston looks after the hurricane last year. We set sail Sunday for Jamaica and we are so excited. Hopefully we will get to visit with our friends that have a home on the Cayman Islands on Thursday. Then is it on to Cozumel for more beach, sun, and fun. Hopefully no hurricanes will find us. We have had some hurricane effects on every cruise so far.
Happy Fourth of July!