Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Soccer

Lovely weather for a soccer game. The pictures are not blurry, it was raining cats and dogs!Teysha loves playing in the rain and the dirtier she gets, the happier she is! We carry plastic bags to put all the muddy, soaking wet, stinky soccer clothes in after games like this! We tied 1-1 so that is better than a loss!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Old Pictures but Fun Memories

Trying to work my way through all the old pictures, some not very good!
The Wildlife Park layout, my parents came to visit and we thought they would like the walk through the park. They did enjoy looking at the wildlife up close, but once they discovered the rocks they were really excited. They were "rock hounds" and made beautiful jewelry, so this was a wonderful day when they could walk around finding just the right rocks! The bottom layout was on their farm. My oldest son loved to fish and hunt snakes. They loved taking him with them to their farm and "camp". These old pictures bring back such fun memories of my parents and their grandkids.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Soccer Season

Once more soccer season is in full force. I am determined to keep up with this seasons layouts, hopefully having the album done by the end of the season:)I am trying to get action shots of all 18 girls in the black uniforms and try again for white. So far I am halfway there!!I was lucky enough to play with the new EK Succes circle cutter. Cuts up to 12 inch circles and I love those circles!! This cuts like butter and so much fun!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

IHOP Manners

We work hard to teach our children table manners, right? Right! We teach them how to chew with their mouth closed, keep your hand in your lap, don't reach for something, and the list goes on. By 15 we were proud she knew all the correct "Miss Manners", we thought! A group of teenagers stopped by IHOP after a football game and after seeing the pictures from the night, I realized I totally was remiss in teaching Teysha what to do with her spoon!

Lizard and Spider

Our friendly lizard that lives in our backyard was extremely hungry! We spotted him on the side of our house with this big spider clamped tightly in his mouth! He clung to the wall and munched on a tasty meal of live spider! It took him a few minutes to finish his meal but he looked like a happy lizard!