Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recipe Album

I really like making recipe albums. Not to crazy about the cooking part, but the albums certainly do look pretty. I used Little Yellow Bicycle paper and embellishments, (loved it)some bakers twine, and May Arts silk ribbon. I added a few pages from an old cookbook.
Heading to Red Oak tomorrow to spend a few days with son and grandkids while my lucky DIL is at CHA with The Crafty Scrapper.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet Thing

I love the Prima Paper and flowers, so I made my own version of HS kit I purchased.
Used the large AC die, binder, cardstock,May Arts silk ribbon, Prima paper,pebble and flowers.
You can Sweet Thing, plus wonderful stamps, at Stamp Salado,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cotton Bowl 2011

This was one fun day! It is impossible to describe how massive and amazing the Dallas Cowboy Stadium is unless you are there.Tickets were expensive.Food was expensive. Nachos, $9.00,bottled water,$5.00,Papa Johns pizza $8.50 (the best deal).Parking was expensive, probably never get see your car again section, $40, 50-50,chance of getting to drive it home $60,walking to the Cowboy parking lot and getting in your car $100. Watching the Aggie band up close and personal, great. I know we played, Not so good, but the overall experience...was priceless!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


We are going here tomorrow with these tickets in our hand....

to watch A&M Whoop LSU's butt!! Cotton Bowl here we come!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011


I hope that everyone had a nice, calm, eat your black-eyed peas New Years Day.

Black-eyed peas are supposed to bring you good luck throughout the year, right? We can check out how accurate that "old wives tale" was yesterday.

I ate a lot of black-eyes, not just for luck, but because I do like them with cornbread and ham.
My neighbor found 2 dogs running loose and he had to leave so we agreed to take the dogs in, do the neighborly thing, post signs and to the message board that we had these 2 dogs. We played with and fed the dogs and 2 hours later, no one claimed the dogs. 4 hours later still no dog owners. Finally, the phone rang and they were rounding up their 3rd missing dog and would come get these 2. The white dog was on the sofa with the puppy, Tiki and me. For some reason she decided to go after Tiki and the puppy. When I grabbed Tiki out of the dog fight, yep, the white dog (Pearl) bit 2 of my fingers. One was a puncture wound and let me tell you dog bites hurt!! The owners showed up, the dog has her shots, thankfully.
I am so glad I ate all those extra could have been so much worse!