Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We Have Snow!!

A tiny amount today but enough to get the kids out to do some sliding down the neighbors driveway! If you look at Teysha, there is something wrong with the picture! She is dressed for the cold down to her feet, but then there are the floral vans! The girls and boys had fun going down the driveway and I bet there are some sore rear ends tomorrow. No school again tomorrow and a promise of maybe 2 inches of snow tonight!
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Laura said...

Looks like fun to me!

Catherine said...

Chilly days in Texas! Looks like the kids put it to good use!

Anita said...

At least she has real shoes on. You should see how many times I have to make Katy go back in and change out of flip flops...when it's 2 degrees outside!