Monday, August 27, 2007

End of Summer Days

School started today! T is a Junior and excited about being an upperclassman!! The only thing missing is her car!
This weekend was the last fling before school and soccer season starts and we spent Saturday at Fiesta Texas. T took 3 of her friends and we spend the day in 100 degree heat and mingling with thousands of other fun seekers!They rode the Scream, no way would I get on that ride, but they loved it!! We had a blast but it was so good to get home and cool off!
Sunday T was finally baptized. I say finally because this is something she has been trying to do for months. I was gone May and June. July was spent just getting things settled after I was gone so long. August we had some soccer conflicts, a vacation and 2 weeks ago we arranged for that Sunday to be the day! She went to the back of the church to get ready and a small water in the tank! This Sunday we tried again and the minister assured us there would be water! A beautiful, powerful and meaningfull moment for the family!

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