Monday, October 01, 2007

Road Trip

My friend and I took another road trip this weekend...we stopped in Killeen at I Scrapbook (after a slight delay, which we won't go into here, lets just say we weren't paying attention to the GPS)fun, fun store!! Next stop was Waxahachie, late but we got there. Met my dil for a quick lunch and shopped at the Crafty Scrapper for a few hours (yes hours). Then on to Arlington! We cropped at Recollections Friday night until midnight and then took a beautiful album class from 10-5 Sat. We stayed to crop again Saturday night until midnight and during the course of the day did some serious shopping!! Janet actually glued things down and went through several rolls of adhesive (I keep trying to get her to get the ATG), so I had to take a picutre of the adhesive event!! The picture of our back seat is just what we couldn't get into our suitcases!! A super fun shopping and scrapping weekend!!

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Catherine said...

Fun times!