Monday, December 17, 2007

More Memories

The Red Stocking. My Mother made 6 of these way back in the 1950's. They are plain and simple compared to some but I do remember her sitting in her chair sewing the felt and sequins on carefully by hand.
T. Stocking. I cross stitched this on linen and thought it was beautiful, but T was such a tomboy way back then she did not like it at all. Luckily, years have changed her opinion of this.
Elves. I made these in the early 80's when I used my sewing machine for actually sewing on material. I entered the little fellas in our county fair and won first place.
Tree skirt. The best memory of making this tree skirt was sitting all alone in our game room with the stero turned up and sewing all the felt and sequins by hand. The kids were all in school and dh was in New Mexico hunting. We lived where it snowed and I could stay warm and toasty,watch it snow, work on the tree skirt,and enjoy the week alone! This skirt has certainly seen better days but I still can't bring myself to give it up! Maybe someday I will do another one!


Catherine said...

I did a cross stitch cuff for a couple of the kids' stockings. That is a lot of work!

Melanie said...

Those are all beautiful! I can see why you wouldn't want to give those up!