Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Retreat in Milford Texas!

The 9 of us had such a fun time in Milford, Texas, at Our House Retreat. This is such a super place, food was great, rooms,crop room and 2 really super nice people. Of course the retreat would not be complete without some excitment and funny things!
We stopped in Corsicana to shop at Scrappin Good Time but our GPS,Jill, was not wanting to give us directions, so we detoured via a beautiful cemetery. We met Susie and did some shopping, then on the Milford, Texas. Milford is a tiny town and we even got lost there, so we stopped at the police station and got directions from a very handsome policeman. We arrived at Our House, unpacked, and headed for Wax. We had lunch at the 1879 cafe, shopped and visited with Carolyn at the Crafty Scrapper and then went to Just Scrap It, to finish out the day shopping. The rest of Friday night was spent scrapping and visiting, it was so much fun to catch up with people I don't see very often.Janet said that Debbie and I kept her awake all Friday night with our snoring, probably true, I am, sure so she was moving to another room. Saturday was a yummy breafast and off to more scrapping. That night around 11 Janet said she wasn't feeling well and as the night progressed she got worse. About 1:30 Debbie and I took her to Wax. to the ER, amazing how you can find a hospital in middle of the night in a strange town! They gave her an iv and meds for her upset stomach and soon it was 5:30 am. Debbie and I getting totally silly over a blue barf bag and it was a good thing the ER was not busy! We decided to go sleep in Janets SUV while she was getting another IV so we had to bump butts to keep warm. A side note, everyone was making fun of my socks with my Crocs but those socks kept my feet warm! We finally got back to Milford around 6:30 am and crashed for a few hours. Janet felt better after the meds but was still weak so we left around 1:30 Sunday. This was such a great retreat and I can't wait to do it again minus the ER visit.

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Catherine said...

Wow! You had quite an adventure in a lot of ways!