Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

I finished this Word Album at Kathy's house last week. Eileen was kind enough to let me use her QK Carolers long die for 2 of the pages. Love that die, along with the long film strip die!
Busy Monday, this morning at 8:20 T had a Dr. appointment for her checkup and blood work (which made her day), then we stopped at McD's so she could eat before school. Back home to pack orders, then I had a Dr. appt for a Mammogram (always fun). Rich and I ate lunch, then back to the Dr. for his flu shot(we got ours this morning). Met Teresa to pick up my Circle Journal and finally back home to unload 2400 sheets of chipboard. Think I am done for the day!
One side note on the Circle Journal, 11 started this last spring with fun ideas and lots of promises. Things hit a snaffu in the summer and one girl had 3 unfinished ones since then. We did take a break for the summer but we were supposed to get back on track in Sept. That didn't work and several of us decided that it just was getting too stressful. Too bad, we had some really great looking CJ's going!


Lily said...

oo girl, I absolutely L--O__V--E that album. amazing work! I feel your pain on the cj. I joined one and mine got lost in the ether--so sad

TxScrapAddict said...

Beautiful album!!! Sounds like you've been busy. Hate to hear that about the CJs. We've had similar issues with our CJ event at MMFY.

Catherine said...

I love the album! It's beautiful!

Marie said...

Love the album, sorry about the cj. It was a disappointment for us that were doing this for the first time. but life happens and we need to be glad to get our books back.