Friday, March 06, 2009

Todays Class

Was just awesome. We started at 9 am and finished/quit at 8pm. We are creating some unique projects. These are some fun techiniques we learned today.Working with the metal is so interesting, there are so many different ways to use it and each person can apply their own twist.

We are doing an altered clipboard and using the different techniques Cheryl is teaching, making this into a unique mini alum.

This is our silver jewelry, cooking at a mere 1600 degrees. We get to see the finished product tomorrow. Amazing that these pieces of clay will be beautiful silver works of art.

Tomorrow at 9 am we start another project and at noon start the "test"!


TxScrapAddict said...

Oh no..a Test! Good luck!!!

Day Scriber said...

I so excited for you! Can't wait to see the finished products! Will you be certified to teach at the end of this class?

Catherine said...

It looks really interesting!

Chick-a-dilly said...

Very Cool pieces! I hear those ladies are lots of fun.

ELiScrAper said...

I am sitting on pins and needles to see how it went. I am so jealous!