Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday is the big day

Picking her up after Embark 2 weeks ago.
The dorms are only 1 year old, very nice!

One of the class room buildings,a walk through the woods to classes.

Climbing the stairs, her room for the Embark was on the 3rd floor. Whew!
From 10-12 am tomorrow T begins her college days. We move her in and then come back that night for a BBQ. Soccer practice starts the next day, practicing twice a day, both times in the heat of the day:) Bittersweet time in our life.


Catherine said...

I totally get how you are feeling! It's a wonderful/hard time. :)

Chick-a-dilly said...

Wow, the campus looks very nice!

TxScrapAddict said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Must be very hard.....your young woman is away and on her own. HUGS for you!!