Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Texas Album & a Big Turtle

Happy Fall! It seems like forever since I have posted but things have been hectic, and that is a good hectic. This is our new 9x10 Big Texas Album that we debuted at the Fall Show in Houston. It is a fun Texas flavor using Deatbeat Designs and Texanna Designs stamps! Thanks to Mike Lambert for allowing me to use his amazing photos!
We are still going to soccer games 2 times a week. Not a great season but for a new coach and new team, it is good.
On our way to soccer this afternoon, we spotted a big turtle motoring down the county road. Stopped and picked him up, believe me, he was not happy about being touched. He spent the next few hours in the back of the Avalanche and once we got him home, we cleaned up his shell and discovered he was a mud turtle. He needs to live down by the river so dh took him to a new home down by the creek....too bad, we thought Dodger might have a playmate.


Catherine said...

Here I thought Dodger was going to have a friend....the album is amazing!

Melanie said...

Wow that album is incredible! I love the accents like the windmill and boots especially. Two soccer games a week is a lot, but you'll probably miss it when it's gone. :)

TxScrapAddict said...

LOVE the new album!! Sounds very hectic.