Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello everybody! Teysha here. I see that it's been eons since Nana updated this so I thought I'd take the liberty of doing it myself. We've all been splendid! I'll be transferring to Blinn next semester in hopes to get into A&M in the fall. I'm switching majors to International Studies and learning Chinese, studying Asia, and most likely studying abroad in China for a semester in order to get into the FBI. Nana and Papa have been good as well, working a lot it seems. I think this little break was much needed for the whole family. Soccer season ended wonderfully, we got the winningest season in Concordia history, I got named honorable mention in the NCAA division III bracket (and named MVP in some onlline survey!). I'll surely miss it, but I've got bigger and brighter things ahead for me.
We all got snuggies for Christmas so be looking forward to our Christmas pictures in said snuggies, they're sure to be precious. And although we all already bought our Christmas gifts and (supposedly) know what they all are I got Nana and Papa little surprises on the side, but keep that on the DL bloggers.
Ta ta for now!


KALDesign said...

Thank you for the update. I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas ever!!! Sounds like you have wonderful plans for your future. We will be here cheering you on, so make sure Nana keeps us up to date.
And wish the rest of the family Merry Christmas too.

TxScrapAddict said...

Merry Christmas to you all T! Good luck on your transfer. Sounds like you've really got big plans for yourself, I'm sure Nana and Papa are very proud. And congrats on the sports accolades!!!