Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aggie Land andOther Stuff

Moving into Aggie Land. T moved into her new apartment Friday. Our little house mouse has moved into apartment living. Her apartment is on the 4th floor, and I was so glad there was an elevator.

Getting settled into her new bedroom!

It rained most of the move in day and then poured on my drive home. I hate driving at night anyway and the rain did not help at all.
My DH had knee replacement surgery today. Surgery went well, just had to repair a torn tendon that we didn't know about. This repair will add about 2-3 weeks on recovery time. He is has such a high pain tolerance and the morphine have kept him feeling pretty good today. Tomorrow he gets ups and walks plus starts PT, so hopefully that will go well.


Catherine said...

Wow...T is in an apt! Hope your DH's recovery goes smoothly!

TxScrapAddict said...

Yay for T!! Hope DH heals quickly!!