Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This little rescue dog has made her special place in our hearts and lives. T went to the animal shelter 3 weeks ago and picked out Shenzi (Shin-Z). She looks like a hyena, ( the hyena from Lion King had this name) but is the sweetest little dog. Shenzi is about a year old, housebroken, and just a fun little dog. She must have been mistreated by a man, but slowly and surely is warming up to all of us. Will play ball all day and is going to obedience school. She will leave in August to spend her fall with T at college but for now we love having her here. Even Tiki tolerates her:)


Catherine said...

She's a cute little thing!

W.C.Camp said...

I like your HYENA dog. We had a
cat named Tiki once and we literally built her a cat condo. I describe it in the post that follows. Take care of that little dog. Very fun memories. W.C.C.

joven said...

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