Monday, December 13, 2010

Coat Shopping

Heading for the mountains and colder weather means warm coats, not just for the humans traveling but the 4 pawed ones that will be hopefully romping in the snow. I thought dog coat shopping would be a cinch, but there are almost as many dog coats as human coats. We finally decided on these adorable fleece coats, and as you can tell, they were jumping for joy when we put the coats on them.

Shenzi was very interested in figuring out a way to get the coat off , but, ha, ha, she couldn't. Good for Martha Stewart, she out thought this dog. We don't feed our dogs on the table but this was just waiting to be put down on the floor so Tiki could eat without interference.


Catherine said...

Cute coats and the pups look totally thrilled to be wearing them.

DeeDee said...

Those coats are too cute. :)