Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Addition

Sadly, we lost Tiki Dec. 15 after 14 great years. She will be missed and remembered.
Today, we found a new puppy to fill a missing spot in our life. We had looked at shelters and nothing  tugged at our heartstrings in the right way.
We were meeting our kids in Waco for lunch and I just happened to read the classifieds. One 10 week old Maltese was there just waiting for us. A little ball of fur and fire, she is playing well with shenzi and holding her own. No name yet but I am sure it will fit this fun personality.

Stopped by Stamp Salado and white puppy met Chloe and as you can see, the meeting was very cordial.


KALDesign said...

Sorry about Tiki, but it looks like this little darling will help fill the void. She is precious.

Catherine said...

Sorry about Tiki, but your new pup looks like a lot of fun!