Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Story of the no examining table (bed) in the Dr. Office

This is a story that needs to be told in person but maybe you can get a visual.
We go into the hand dr and sit in our room, which was strange, there was no bed! Make a note of becomes important.
The surgeon is a big burly man that works on tiny little hands, very good, very thorough and very caring. He said the only cure is surgery but that they are not doing any more until July so that let's me out.
Next option is a steroid shot... I really need 3, one in my thumb, one in the top of my hand and one in my shoulder all related to this trigger action. However they can't do 3 shots at once,, body won't tolerate that......remember this...important.
So I opt for the one shot in my hand. Fine he goes to get it set up and I am getting antsy no bed to lie down on this will not be good.....remember the bed....I decide they are going to move me to an area that has a bed....seems to getting more important.
Nope! Another nurse brings in a jar, towel and big ASS needle and I know I am bed for me to be horizontal on....important.
So he starts and I decide I can handle it, I can actually give blood upright. Deep breath and he swabs me down with the lidocaine and says, most people don't want to watch this.....shit....
Of course not you have along ass needle headed for my thumb. I grab richs hand or something that used to resemble a hand and we are off..... Just a stick, you know how they say little stick....NEVER believe that. Then the stinging starts and I feel like my thumb is going to blow up..trigger finger doesn't hurt any more, because I have totally lost my thumb!
Ok that probably took 2 hrs out of my life, well maybe 2 minutes. He is all done and telling me to come back in 3 weeks, that the hand will hurt worse, I DOUBT that, for 3-5 wonderful days out of my life until the steroids settle in. Well that is super damn duper!
Now the real fun begins.... I tell him I feel like I am going to faint, getting light headed and he says you are having a vascular neck attack.No Doctor Dear,I am going to pass out on this floor I am going to fall down on. His eyes get big and hubs is worried and Doc keeps saying it will pass....yes I know it will, I will pass out in this non bed, room flat of my back on the floor.
He opens the door and tells the nurse to get a pillow and a cup of ice water....panic is setting in with this big man.
I say I am going down and I just nicely and oh so smoothly slide out of the chair and onto the floor. There I am an old woman, passing out, lying on the hard floor...because there is no bed... See I told you it was important.
They are hovering and I said I am going to throw up and believe me that big dr could move fast to get me a throw up bucket just in time...
They are still hovering...I am still on the floor. Now there is an audience...the door is open... I don't care, I am not getting up.
So I stay down for about 5 min and he keeps saying stay there as long as you need your blood vessels in your neck will open back up....ya think!
So now he is still big eyed and saying this has never happened.....hint...get a bed in a room cuz some people don't do shots well sitting up!!
TA-da got home ate lunch and took a nice horizontal nap. Put ice pack on my thumb and the pain comes and goes so I will live.
How was your day????

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Catherine said...

Oh man!!!

Candy said...

Sorry to laugh. But you told it so well. I don't even do blood work unless I'm horizontal. I tell the tech every time you can let me lay down now or I will fall down as soon as you are done. I always remember what my Dr. told me years ago.... You can't pass out if you are laying down!

Mickie said...

How funny! I know how you feel, I've never fainted but have come close. So neat to find your blog!! (Thru Gentleman Jim) I lived in Lago Vista and worked in Round Rock for years but moved back home to SE Tx. It's great to read about people close to my heart here in TEXAS!