Sunday, February 22, 2009

Collge Day at Texas State

Saturday was the big college day at Texas State, in San Marcos. We left at 7 am to begin the day at 9 am with orientation.

This was an extremely well organized event, complete with maps and helpful students everywhere.
What we did not know is the campus is 2 miles long and there are at least a million steps.

We walked the campus twice and the steps, I think we found them all! It rained a while, then the cold North wind hit, but finally the sun came out as we walked from building to building. We checked out several resident halls and did make a decision on which one we liked the best, surprisingly, it was not the newest or biggest. We felt by 4 we had walked our feet off and increased our calf strength, so we headed home.
Of course T had to do some "school spirit" shopping in the bookstore!


TxScrapAddict said...

Oh how exciting!!!

Catherine said...

Wow! This is an exciting time!

Day Scriber said...

Yea! Decision made! Not too, too close. Not too, too far. Just right!

JulieP said...

I can't believe she's that old now. How exciting for her!