Monday, April 06, 2009

Almost There

I finished one more vacation layout, yeah me!
I used the Fiskars threading water punch and managed successfully to go around all 4 corners on the small blue square.The sign says the hotel was originally owned by the first original 7 astronauts. The lobby and dining room had memorabilia of all 7 astronauts,a step back in time. The hotel has been remodelled but it was great to stay in a little piece of history.
Prom and Soccer Banquet shopping is finished! T and I went shopping this week and surprisingly it was successful! I know I would hate to work in retail during this time of year. The stores were very busy with girls trying on prom dresses in every dressing room.I hope T has learned to hang up the cast-offs, I hate going into dressing rooms with the rejects just thrown on the floor or chairs. After what seemed like hundreds of dresses and shoes later, 2 are hanging in her closet! Pictures don't exists, I did have my camera but I had a headache and was busy hanging up the rejects.


Catherine said...

Awesome layout and glad she found the dress she needed!

TxScrapAddict said...

Love the layout! Glad she found a dress!!