Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another one

I thought this would be my next to last vacation layout but I found 3 more pictures, but hey at least I did another one.This is just a collage of some random shots of various states we went through last summer.
Met Jimmye Sue and Janet for lunch today at a restaurant downtown. I had to give them directions but I could not remember the name of the restaurant, I knew it was Bistro and Alley. They found it in spite of my outstanding directions, and the name is Down the Alley Bistro. Great Panini Tuscan Turkey sandwiches and a great visit. Then home to the turmoil stirring around here, but that is another story.


Catherine said...

Such a great layout! I'm sorry you're having turmoil, though!

TxScrapAddict said...

Love the layout! I have soooo many vacations to scrap. Great way to get a bunch of pictures in!!

Marie said...

Love the layout. You always come up with such neat ideas.