Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Best Texas

Sugar cookies you will ever eat! Sherri at Scrapbook n Such in Longview made the cookies to sustain us during our day long class. Isn't the Texas shape and the tray great! Linda and I had a lot of fun and she was such a big help.

Silver Lil made a new friend in Longview.....we had checked into the hotel and the person at the desk is just like me, left and right directions confuse her. She told us to go one way and Jill said another. We followed the desk clerks left turn and it turned out we were going the wrong way. After Linda went into a Quick Stop for directions, we pulled out and Silver Lil did her thing. She batted her little round eyes and flashed her Tail lights at a highway patrol. He was very impressed and decided to follow with his red and blue lights flashing back. SL wanted to pull over and chat with the black and white car, all the while I was telling her he was not her type!! Luckily the driver of the car with the flashing lights thought she was pretty cute too and only issued a warning. I personally think the cute driver just wanted more info on Silver Lil:) After this fun interval we arrived at Boomtown in Bossier City, LA. I had forgotten how smoky a casino could be so we stayed about 1 hr and headed back! Took one less turn than we should and had to redirect to the hotel.

The class Saturday was so much fun. I realized how much I had missed teaching and met some great ladies with lots of talent! After class 9 of us went out to eat Mexican food...delish! Karen had 2 of these cute aprons hanging in her office and I loved them. She was so sweet to give me one Sat. night....Thanks, Karen.
Linda and I left early Sunday morning and stopped in Powell, Texas and bought the best pecan pies in a spot in the road store!! It is always good to be home from a fun weekend!!


Catherine said...

Those cookies look really tasty and the apron is very cute!

Chick-a-dilly said...

Cute Apron!! Glad you had a lot of fun! You should teach more often, it's hard to find good teachers!!

TxScrapAddict said...

Looks like fun!!!