Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fishing Fun Spring Break

Fishing on Lake Georgetown, fun time on spring break. We took friends and dogs on the boat today. The dogs were not too sure about this riding in the boat adventure.

fishing 3-16-11 001fishing 3-16-11 004Tiki settled down on a blanket and spent a nice day napping. Shenzi on the other hand wasn’t too sure she cared much for the wind in her face and strange surroundings.

fishing 3-16-11 008The girls just enjoying the time fishing, snacking, and visiting.

fishing 3-16-11 010Can you tell she absolutely loved holding the fish she caught!! I pulled it out of the live well, showed her how to hold it and after 2 tries,and the threat of drowing, we snapped the picture. Mr. Bass had to go back and grow a few more inches. Our one and only fish, but lots of fun!


Catherine said...

Our spring break is next week....the cabin still has snow!

Kerri said...

We wish were there, although I would leave the fishing to T and take a nap with Tiki!! Hugs...