Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Love Our Job

99.9% of the time. Today for about 30 minutes was an exception. Rich was in the laser room cutting CIMG0014and I was in my space( I have more space) on the phone. He kept telling me to come in there, but nope, I was busy. I hung up and walked in there to see what he wanted. Ummmm, his right arm up to above his elbow was stuck in the laser machine.Yes, it was! The machine was off so no problem, there. Somehow he managed to get his arm wedged under a 100 + pound plate and it wouldn’t come out. He was not hurt, just stuck, and I was laughing so hard. On your knees with your arm stuck in a 500 lb. machine is funny to some and not so funny to others, guess which is which. I turned on the machine and Z’d it so the plate would lift, and then ran for my life after snapping this picture. All in a days work folks! Your orders may be delayed a day or two, his arm is sore and I am sore from laughing and running.

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