Sunday, January 27, 2008

G'town Mini Retreat

I had a mini retreat at my house this weekend, plus a Governors Cup Soccer tournament. The retreat was a blast! We stayed up late, ate way too much, watched fun movies and last but not least scrapped the weekend away.
GHS held the annual Governor's Cup Soccer tournament, with lousy weather the first two days and perfect soccer weather on Sat. The team came in second place, way to go Eagles!
The retreat required no outdoor activities with the exception of hauling in tons of scrapbooking goodies. I finished 14 layouts, a big deal for me, the others all accomplished some of their goals! Food of course was in great supply and we had a unwritten rule of eating or drinking every 20 minutes. We followed that rule! Molly and Tiki received tons of petting and little snacks to make them feel like a part of the retreat.Thanks everyone for a fun weekend and big thanks to dh for helping us set up tables and haul supplies!!


M/\rCoz said...


I realy liked this bloggg!

Simple, and with the things that happen on our lives!
Those things that maybe noone understand, but are important for us...

Sorry for my english, because I'm from Brazil and I'm just learning english yet.

so... Bye

Catherine said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Melanie said...

How fun!