Sunday, January 13, 2008

School Soccer Starts Again

and it was so cold! We played a 3 day tournament in Allen, 2 were at night and the last one at 8am, each time the temperature had us hauling out blankets,gloves, heavy coats, and ear muffs. We shivered our way through all the games and it was so nice to get warm after each game.
This was the first away tournament riding with the team on the bus for T and with us staying at a different hotel.Her allergies kicked in so she was not in the best shape for a road trip or cold soccer games but she made it.
It was so nice to get home and get warm.Next week another road trip but this will be heading to Houston so rain will probably be the weather of choice.

I decided for this high school season I wouldn't take a zillion action shots but pictures of the sideline things they do. The funny and sometimes not so funny sideline antics are a great memory to have!


Catherine said...

Gooooooo, T!!!

Melanie said...

Oh man! It's COOOOOLD out there! I'm glad that we don't have our first soccer game until February. Cool photo of everyone lined up on the sideline!