Friday, January 18, 2008

Men and directions

We drove from our house to Katy, Texas to watch T play in the I-10 Shootout.My dh and I have our biggest arguments over my lack of ability to read maps. I know that I am directionaly challenged and map reading is certainly a skill that I am lacking,so I was determined to fix this shortcoming. It seems that on every road trip we get lost, sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes longer, my fault or his we are still lost. Then I discovered Jill our GPS, it was love at first sight on the scrapbooking road trips I have taken. Jill has gotten us there going through Dallas,and Ft.Worth traffic without a hiccup. Now these trips have been with my friend Janet so there is no discussion on my ability to get us lost. However this weekend dh and I plug Jill in and we are off. Her directions say go one way but dh is bound and determined that he knows a better way! I think it is something in the male ego to prove a female voice on the GPS wrong. Jill wasn't wrong and we went a "few" miles out of our way to get to Katy.After that he admitted Jill was a pretty smart cookie and she has been plugged in to take us to various soccer fields and restaurants without a detour. Gotta love the GPS!

Soccer in Houston has always been rainy and cold, this weekend no exception. Last night we won in a shootout with T in the goal.It was cold but not rainy. Tonight made up for it. We lost in another shootout, again with T in the goal. It was in the high 30's with blowing rain and just teeth chattering cold on those steel bleachers. Soccer in the winter is always a treat. We have one more game tomorrow, then back home with Jill giving us directions.


Catherine said...

What IS it about guys and directions???

Melanie said...

Oh goodness! I can't believe you're playing in all of those games already. I'm not looking forward to soccer season starting again!