Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the Toilet

It was Monday all day yesterday! I was cleaning house (ugh!) which is bad enough in itself but it only got worse. I had just finished cleaning the guest bath and turned around and my slippery little pink cell phone popped right out of my pj back pocket and landed kerplunk face down in the toilet! Scooped that non floater right out, dried it off and turned the hair dryer on it. Alas, it was waterlogged and not working! It was a new phone and I really liked it so I was very unhappy! I used the hair dryer on it some more and then put it outside for a little sun tan. Brought it inside last night and it did come on but made some unusual noises. I left the charger on it all night and this morning it appears to have come back to life. The eye of the camera has some moisture but the phone seems to have all of the functions back! I am going to be a happy camper if the little pink phone continues on the road to recovery! Moral, don't put your slippery cell phone in you pants pocket and clean toilets!


Catherine said...

Oh, wow!!!! (Sorry, but I'm laughing a little as I read this...) It's a great story and probably deserves a page, don't you think?

KALDesign said...

I am sorry that happened but so glad it seems to be fine now. I wasnt' so lucky. I washed my pretty little pink cell phone. Yeppers. Ran it through the washing machine. No hope for it. I had to get a new phone. But my new pink phone is even cuter. It has flowers "tattooed" all over it.

Melanie said...

I really hope your cell phone continues its recovery! :)