Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Customer Service

or lack of!I guess this is the week for things to really get under my skin. Today for example, I took my toilet, now dried out, phone to Sprint to get it turned back on since I had switched it over to my old phone, and his comment was, "well it will probably corrode and be useless in 6 months, blah, blah." Sure could and I could drop it in the toilet again, just please turn it back on and I will take my chances.
That chore done, walked across the street to Office Depot, here in GT. That store has worse than horrible customer service but I needed something printed fast. When the girl finally asked me what I needed and I told her copies, she points to the self serve copiers. Gee I saw them, but I nicely told her I needed color copies, and to have the paper cut. She replied that they had a job ahead of me and so I asked her if I could leave it, her response was they were out of ink and couldn't print! Hello, it is Office Depot, they sell ink! Left there and drove 10 miles to RR to another Office Depot. This employee was friendly up until I told him I needed the copies cut into 1/4. He developed the deer in the head light look!As he was cutting I noticed he threw a bunch of my copies in the trash, I asked him about it and he said the cutter jammed but I wouldn't be charged for it. OK, fine, I am hungry and in a hurry. After I get home I count the copies, I should have 400 I have 297, now I am not happy. I call the manager tell her my story and she goes to look in the trash ( might not be the same trash right?) and tells nope nothing in there. I told her what he said and she still is saying that he didn't short me on the copies. After a long discussion, she finally concedes that maybe I am correct and tells me to come in tomorrow and they will make some more copies. Whew, what a non customer service day! We will see what Sheena says tomorrow when I show her the box that is only 3/4 full!


Catherine said...

:( No fun at all!

sherry d said...

Maybe Office Max or Staples should get your business from now on. Customer service is definitely NOT what it used to be. Don't let them get ya!