Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Game Ball

We have had a miserable soccer season in high shcool, 2 wins, 10 losses. We started the season full of excitement and hope due to a new coach and great promises of fairness. The pre-season was great, lots of enthausiam and energy, then bam the personality changed. The coach seemed to have lost interest in winning or coaching this year, working on getting ready for next year. Fast forward to the game last Friday night, we were playing the number one team and as the team was being introduced, the coach that started the season returned, high fiving the girls, getting excited and actually coaching. One would wonder if some parents and higher ups had a talk with the coach. He played this game to win and we did 1-0! Of course everyone was elated and commenting on the difference in that game and the last 9. T was awarded the game ball, well deserved, she did an awesome job in the goal! Receiving the game ball and of course winning did wonders for her confidence, that was certainly sagging from the last 9 games.


Catherine said...

That's great that she got the game ball!!

Melanie said...

Yay, T!!!