Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CHA Update

Another exciting day at CHA! We saw and used the neatest new tool by 7 Gyp. called the Binderie punch. Janet and I took a make and take and they used it. This punches holes, larger than the crop a dile and will punch through just about anything with the press of a button! A really super good idea.
Several of you asked about the little glue gun, the verdict is still out until I get home and try it for real. I am so used to my big ATG and how well the tape sticks this will have to be great for me to change.
We were doing a m-n-t at Maya Road this morning right after CHA opened and the fire alarms go off. No one really thought much about it and we continued on. Soon, a lot of convention officials came up to a booth across from MR. Now we could smell smoke!We still weren't too worried. But this time the alarms went off and the announced came on and told us to evacuated immediately. One problem all the exits were behind the curtains and no signs. Now we are worried. The officials were pointing the way, told us to leave everything and get out. We took our personal stuff but left everything else and found the nearest exit. This picture is the crowd that came out our door. We were outside about 5-10 minutes and got to come back in. Think it was a smoldering wire or short, but no fire. Things got back to normal and we continued on. We did see Tim Holtz and watched his demos. On a sad note Heidi Swapp was there at her booth and it was so empty, too bad, of course she was not the only empty booth there.
This pigeon got thirsty flying around inside CHA:(
About 1 we were CHA'd out so we headed to Disney Land and had a great night!! Picture to follow!


KALDesign said...

Tim Holtz....he is my new idol....I am so jealous. LOL

TxScrapAddict said...

So fun! Need new shoes yet?

Lily said...

craziness with the fire alarm! Glad you got to see Tim. He is so talented.

sherry d said...

Heidi Swapp all alone and empty? Wonder why?

Thanks for sharing your CHA adventures. Sounds fun!