Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Than a Paris Sighting

Janet and I decided to head over to the Wookie Entertainment Booth ( yep,that is the real name) to see if we could get a picture of Paris. We were about number 24 & 25 in line. Security started watching the line grow and the standers grow and soon more security guards were around. Paris was scheduled to arrive at 2:30, I guess the rich don't own watches, because it was about 3:05 when she came in. We were told we had 2 minutes with her and were given slips of paper to write the name of the person the autograph would be to. We were to print it really large so she could see it when it was our turn. As it turned out they cut the line off 5 or 6 people behind us because she was not staying past 3:30 even though she was late. When my turn came the security tells you where to go and you get on your knees on the floor by Paris, who is sitting in a chair. She shook my hand and asked me how I was doing. She is really pretty and tiny. A photographer took my camera and took this picture and then CHA had a photographer was there and took our pictures. We still have to find that person. That was it much less than 2 minutes but it was fun to get in all the excitement. She signed a 12x12 page with her picture on it, the page was pink and silver. We didn't get to see much of the actual booth, too many bodyguards around her and it was all too fast. Here are the pictures I took. One shows the line and crowd waiting and the others are obvious.
The thing Janet and I noticed was not many people there. A lot were doing the make and takes but the isles were not crowded. We counted about 2500 scrapbooking vendors here.
We took our California 3 block walk to eat California Pizza tonight and back in our room at 8:30, worn out. We did get lots of goodies, will post about that tomorrow.


KALDesign said...

OH MY Goodness. You actually got your picture taken with her.

Cynthia B. said...

Wow Pam, you're a target of the paparazzi! :) You must've had to get there so early - glad they didn't cut the line off before you.

TxScrapAddict said...

WTG you! On your knees with Paris!

Catherine said...

Wow!! What a celeb you are!! :)