Sunday, January 25, 2009

When Sunny California Give You Rain

Take Classes! We woke up this morning to OC's version of 10 % chance of rain. From our balcony it looked at over 100%! It rained most of the morning and almost cleared off this afternoon but it was chilly for sunny California. Janet and I decided to take a class at 11 which started at 11:30, we made it but just barely. This was a neat class with different types of glue, we got a baby ATG gun that is pink and green, you can see it in the picture! We had to pick classes that required no tools. Don't ever think that even those the class says no tools that they mean it! We needed tools!!

The next class was a MAMBI class and we made a really neat album using chipboard and acrylic. Tons of product in this class. We needed tools again. By now we had produced glue ( from the first glass) and scissors from Janets hair brush bag( don't know, didn't ask why she carries 3 pair of scissors with her)We were only short a paper trimmer, and that tool we needed! So we sat our way through the class just watching the other 30 ladies making their album. Good class and great teacher, and even came with great instructions, the first classes instructions had disappeared!

These are some pictures just as the Saturday night Taste of Anaheim was getting started and people were arriving.

After this class we walked to PF Changs to eat, so did every one else in OC ( see how fast I pick up the CAlifornia lingo!) We had a long wait, sat outside to eat and it was way too cold to enjoy the food.We had a "brisk"walk back to the hotel ( it is about 10 blocks in Texas blocks, 3 or 4 here)and it is a chilly night to be outside here.
Tomorrow is the big day and we will be there around 9 am and keep you posted!


TxScrapAddict said...

Have fun!!!

ELiScrAper said...

Gald you are having a great time. Did you like the little pink tape dispenser?

Cynthia B. said...

That pink ATG gun is the cutest - I think I need one that size, my red one is too bulky! Glad you're having fun - stay warm!

Catherine said...

That is one really cute ATG gun! Sounds like you are having a fun time!