Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Our Way

Chillin' on our balcony and checking out the ship. Loading our luggage on the ship...knew we should have packed less:)
There were 3,000 adults and 1200 children on this ship so getting onto the ship was an event! There were miles of the snake lines and I was wondering how R was going to hold up standing in line that long. No problem, the custom lady saw his cane and asked if we were together and we got to bypass the hundreds of people and were on board in about 20 minutes. Rule...always travel with a cane when there is a long line:) We ate lunch, checked out the ship and by 4 pm we were pulling out of port for 2 days at sea, heading for Jamaica.


Catherine said...

Got it....give DH a cane when traveling. :)

TxScrapAddict said...

I sounds like so much fun....I can't eait to see more pictures.....a mini album maybe??????

Marie said...

No wonder you had som much laundry to do when you got home! Great pics!