Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross this off the Bucket List

We drove to Galveston for the 4th and did not dream the traffic would be so bad on the seawall! Everyone came to Galveston to see the fireworks and celebrate the 4th. We checked into our hotel and decided to eat at Joes Crabshack.We could still see a lot of damage from Hurricane Ike just 10 months ago but they have made a lot of progress.The fireworks were across the street from Joe's on a jetty. T celebrated her 18th birthday a little early at Joe's doing a Seagull dance through the restaurant. Us girls had to use the potty and the line at Joe's was really long so we thought we would just walk to a convenience store across the street, get some water and snacks for the fireworks and use their facilities. The line to the bathroom was not long and when T and I walked in and it was too late to turn back we noticed a different type of toilet paper.....newspaper! The girls were speechless and a little confused as to what to do. Sometimes you have no options! If using newspaper was on our bucket list, now it is marked off!


Catherine said...

Well it's good that you can cross some things off your bucket list!

TxScrapAddict said...

Welll.....that's recycling at it's height eh?? Happy 18th to T! Glad she's marking things off her Bucket List already!