Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Found Them

We followed this relative, in our taxi that was not a relative, from downtown Cozumel back to the pier. He was a speedy little fellow. After I snapped the picture I noticed there was a really hot relative parked just in front.I am sad I missed getting to meet him but at least I got a fleeting glimpse.
My bug's relatives! I didn't see a single relative in Jamaica and didn't really care. At Cayman they must have all been at one of the many banks, making deposits or withdrawals,so missed them there too!

Cozumel, was a different story! They were everywhere! VW's are made in Mexico so I guess all these relatives have retired and have condos on the beach in Mexico.

I crossed some busy streets to have a short visit with my relatives and they were all very happy to see me:)


Catherine said...

Interesting collection of relatives! :)

TxScrapAddict said...

It's so good to meet up with family when travelling! Mexico does seem like a nice place to retire...