Sunday, October 07, 2012

Basswood RV Resort

We certainly enjoyed the CKC at the KCI Expo Center this weekend. The Fall weather set in last night and even though it was really chilly it helped the leaves turn and we loved the colors. Rented a golf cart, got a blanket and we headed out to explore the campground. It has 4 lakes, cabins, a tenting site, plus the large RV park.
These are a few of the beautiful sights we saw from the golf cart.
Tomorrow we head for Branson, MO.
 Dogs ready for the ride around the campground.
 Entrance to the RV park
 Playground and pool
 Trees turning
 Small cabins on the lakes

 The road to our parking spot.

 Swing and enjoy the lake and Fall colors!

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Catherine said...

It looks wonderful!