Wednesday, October 03, 2012

On the Road to Kansas City MO

Hello blog! We are on our way to CKC, Kansas City MO. It is a long way from Texas! We left yesterday and just North of Waco there was an18 that had turned over and burned. Of course we didn't know that while we sat in traffic at a complete stop for about 1 1/2 hours. People were getting out of their cars and just roaming the interstate. Made it through that long delay and continued on to OK. We usually spend the first night (if it is a 2 day journey) at the luxurious WalMart parking lot. Last night was no exception. We did made a short detour to the casino and I don't know why. They are one big smoke factory and they smell like it. I do not like Burger King but I dislike 16$ warmed up buffet food even less. We ate the Burger King and played the slots, gave them a little money and left. It used to be so much fun at a casino but now the magic has faded. Back to the parking lot at WM there were several other RV's there but also 3 cars with people living in them. However, we were too tired to care so we closed the blinds and said good night to OK.
Today we are traveling the back roads of KS and MO and almost at our destination. Strange things along the highways... A bike trail to nowhere, towns named Minnesota, Vermont, Miami just in KS. A black man with a mule and his dog walking down the road, a biker, not on that bike trail but headed somewhere. A man with a cart and a suitcase, he would carry one item up and few feet and go back and get the other load and start over again, progress was slow, to say the least.
I walked over to a Sonic to get a DP and a nice gentlemen invited me to sit in his car while I waited for my drink. nice helpful people all over the USA.

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Have an awesome trip!