Thursday, May 01, 2008

Barn Swallows are

Supposed to be afraid of wind chimes. We have a tall entrance at our front door and for years we have been pestered by these messy little birds. They build their nests out of mud and trash and love to build at the top of porches and their poop and nest mess drops down right in front of the door! We put plastic up to scare them off, that worked for a year or so, then they adjusted to that and tried to make a nest. We put up wind chimes to scare them off and that seemed to really scare them away until this spring. These birds have no fear of the wind chimes or the plastic, in fact they built their nest on the wind chime. What a mess!! Bird poop and mud on our windows, front door and porch. These birds will now have to visit another porch since we have put up netting. It will probably only take them a year to get over their fear of that and move in again!!

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Catherine said...

We had a hummingbird do the same thing when I was a kid.